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The purpose of this test is to demonstrate what kind of information websites can get about you, even if you are visiting them for the first time and trying to be careful about your online privacy. This test should be able to:

  • Detect what browser and operating system you are using, even if you are trying to hide or change that information.
  • Detect if you are using Tor services.
  • Detect if you are using a VPN.
  • Detect if you are using an Apple iCloud Private Relay.
  • Detect if you are using a proxy.
  • Detect the languages you are likely speaking.
  • Detect whether you are using any ad-blockers.
  • Detect your location and show it on the map.
  • Show you some specifics about your country (such as participating in "Intel sharing", "E-Commerce risk", etc)
  • Show all your IP addresses (sometimes including your local ones)
  • etc.