DNS checks while migrating

Spotted a nice article on Perl Maven and decided to share another way of doing DNS resolving, which might be a bit more convenient and should account for multiple IPs returned. Use it with watch and you're all set. NB: Change nameservers to the ones you like and maybe use Getopt::Long or something similar to get them and the hostname :)

use strict;
use warnings;
use 5.010;

use Net::DNS::Dig;
use NetAddr::IP::Util qw(inet_ntoa);

my $hostname = $ARGV[0]||"google.com";
my @nameservers = qw<>;

foreach my $name_server (@nameservers) {
        my @netaddrs = Net::DNS::Dig->new( PeerAddr => $name_server )->for( $hostname )->rdata();
        printf "%-20s", $name_server;
        say @netaddrs ? join ", ", map { inet_ntoa($_) } @netaddrs : "FAILED";
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